Homes in the city partners

The 5 organizations

Arid Communities and Technologies (ACT)

ACT strives to strengthen livelihoods in arid and semi-arid regions by improving access to technological and institutional solutions to resolve ecological constraints, in collaboration with communities.

Hunnarshala Foundation

Hunnarshala Foundation, a section 25 company as per the Companies Act of India,  was formed after the massive earthquake of Kutch in 2001 with objectives to promote eco-friendly construction practices, low energy building designs & technologies which are scientifically validated through research initiatives. These technologies have glimpses of local culture and aesthetics. The knowledge of these technologies is transferred to the local artisans who further link it to the contemporary market.

Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan (KMVS)

Kutch  Mahila Vikas  Sangathan , is a Kutch – Gujarat based women’s organization which was initiated and promoted in  1989 by state government agencies like GSHDC, department of women -child and  a non-government NGO Janvikas . Now also a partner of the Homes in the City program, KMVS ‘s emphasis   has been empowerment of  women .


Sahjeevan was set up in 1991 as Janvikas Ecology Cell to assist women’s collectives on their work of natural resource management in rural Kachchh. Registered as an independent organization in 1997, Sahjeevan has developed a strong gender perspective on natural resources and learnt and developed pedagogy of learning from and respecting traditional wisdom. Considered one of the first generation civil society organizations with a development perspective in Kachchh, it has been instrumental in setting up several knowledge centers which have moved on to become independent organizations.

Urban Setu, an initiative of Kutch Nav Nirmav Abhiyan

Kutch Nav Nirman Abhiyan, popular as Abhiyan, is a collective of grass root local NGOs and was founded as a response to devastating cyclone in Kutch in 1998. The objective of the network is to synergize human knowledge, physical and financial resources to collaborate towards Development which is governed by community initiatives. The network encourages self – help development, especially within marginalized communities, integrates traditional wisdom with new technologies and innovates and balances issues of human rights with human responsibilities.

HIC supporters and partners

એરીયા સમિતી અને એરીયા સમિતીના સભ્યો

Bhuj Municipality

Address :
Nr. Openair Theater,
Behind Indirabai Girls High School,
Bhuj-Kutch (Gujarat)
Pin code: 370001

Phone No. 02832-222590

Find contacts of the different departments :  

In English  In Gujarati : નગરપાલિકા કચેરી

Bhuj Municipality, Bhuj Nagarpalika.

Our main objective, as a pressure group, is  to have a general impact on issues regarding waste management in the city of Bhuj.

JSSS = Jalstrota Sheha SamVardhan Samiti, is a citizen’s committee workitowards restoring and improving the condition of the Hamirsar lake so that it can facilitate drinking water to Bhuj city...

The self-help groups are the foundation of the Sakhi Sangini federation.

SakhiSangini means “ female friends together” , is promoted by urban cell of Kutch MahilaVikasSangathan, with the perspective of organizing women from economically weaker section of the society in urban areas and empowering them for exercising and governing their rights.

Supported by KMVS through the HIC Program.