01 Waniyavad Gate

Fifth Gate of Bhuj 'Waniyavad Gate' was situated were now a days wholesale market is running. Still we can see some of rest parts of old gate inside of vegetable market. From the vegetable market there is a way to reach at Waniyavad gate which is opening in wholesale market. Out side of this gate there are temples and Upashrayas of Jain community is situated, that's why this gate was named as a get of Jain or a 'Waniyavad Gate'. Jain community were living here for a long time. As we got information that before 70 to 75 years back for expansion of city area, waniyavad gate was removed.  Where lots of vegetable sellers were seating in the market, now a days very less sellers are seating there. For security purpose there was a long trench from bus station to waniyavad gate which was also a stream of rain water. But in present time that trench is filled and the road is now full of traffic. New gate is constructed in place of old one, but one of its corner a part of old wall is lying as an evidence.

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ભુજ ના નાગરિકોની ભાગીદારીને કારણે ભુજ માહિતી વિભાગ શરુ થયો છે.
જો આપ આ વિભાગમાં કોઈ પણ માહિતી ઉમેરવા કે સુધારવા ઇચ્છતા હો તો મહેરબાની કરી અમારો સંપર્ક કરો.