Toraniyu Naku (Gate)

The Toraniyu gate is the main entrance to the Darbaar complex where you can find the Pragmahal and the Ainamahal palaces.

Toran in Gujarati means "streamer". It refers to the strings of leaves and flowers that were hanged on the gate for special events and visits.

Interestingly the architecture of the gate mixes arabic, kutchi and dutch styles.For example, on top of the gate, you can observe 2 angels, a rare figure in the architecture of this era. 


The proportion of the gate is also very interesting. You will observe that it is relatively higher than the other gates in the city. Why?

Because every year, a procession was organized with elephants, horses, etc... and they had to be able to go through the gate!



A legend says that a king of Kutch, after winning the battle of "Halvad" (a city in Saurastra) brought the doors of this city and fixed them on the Toranyu gate. You can still see them in place.

The cultural, religious and historical significance of this gate is very important since all major events in the city were starting from there.

For example every year, during the Navratri festival, the king was part of a procession from this gate to Matano Madh, a holy place 100 km away from bhuj.  

ભુજ ના નાગરિકોની ભાગીદારીને કારણે ભુજ માહિતી વિભાગ શરુ થયો છે.
જો આપ આ વિભાગમાં કોઈ પણ માહિતી ઉમેરવા કે સુધારવા ઇચ્છતા હો તો મહેરબાની કરી અમારો સંપર્ક કરો.