• 13 Focus group discussions (FGD) with each of 3 target groups- total of 36 FGDs
    • Women aged over 20 years from different ethnic backgrounds and sections within the slum areas
    • Pregnant Women or women with young children
    • adolescent girls aged 13-19 years


  • 5 semi structured interviews with system level stakeholders
  • Observation Mamta Day clinic operation

Stakeholder interviews


  • Urban Health Program Coordinator
  • Medical Officer in charge Urban Health Center GK General Hospital
  • Nurse providing services at 23 anganwadis serving slum areas
  • Private practitioner servicing the Sheikh Faliya and Bapa Dayalu area (Dr Salim)
  • Doctor at PPC one of the largest free clinics in Bhuj frequented by slum dwellers around the Bhuj area (Dr Seema)



ભુજ ના નાગરિકોની ભાગીદારીને કારણે ભુજ માહિતી વિભાગ શરુ થયો છે.
જો આપ આ વિભાગમાં કોઈ પણ માહિતી ઉમેરવા કે સુધારવા ઇચ્છતા હો તો મહેરબાની કરી અમારો સંપર્ક કરો.