Naniba Pathshala - Gujarat Pollution Board

This building, currently occupied by the Gujarat Pollution Control Board is located next to Fateh Mohammed house on Ashapura road.
Two legends coexist to explain the origin of the building.

The first one tells us that the poet Maharao Lakhpatgi established a Sanskrit school in this location in 1749. It was then called " Vrajbhasa Pathsala" which literally means " Old language school". Scholars from western India were going there to study literature and Sanskrit. The famous Gujarati poet "Shri Dalpatram" was one of its student.

The second story, states that the building  was constructed in the 19th century, in the era of Khingargi III. He decided to call the building after the name of his mum Naniba. The name remained as : Naniba Pathshala.

After being a school, the building was used by the "Bank of India". It was then handed over to the Agriculture department superintendent after Independence.

ભુજ ના નાગરિકોની ભાગીદારીને કારણે ભુજ માહિતી વિભાગ શરુ થયો છે.
જો આપ આ વિભાગમાં કોઈ પણ માહિતી ઉમેરવા કે સુધારવા ઇચ્છતા હો તો મહેરબાની કરી અમારો સંપર્ક કરો.