Start a blue bin in your community

20/12/2012 to 31/12/2012

The blue bin concept has been developed by Sahjeevan to encourage segregation of wet waste in the city.

Wet waste, which includes vegetable and fruits peels as well as left overs of food, represents more than 80% of a family daily waste production in Bhuj. 

Segregating your wet waste and puting it in a blue bin reduces your impact on the environment, help the farmers to feed their cattle with healthy food instead of street waste and keep your street clean!

How to start a blue bin : 

  1. Try to speak about your idea with friends and families of your community
  2. Contact Sahjeevan to organize a small community meeting and see how it is possible to implement the concept!
  3. Get your blue bin installed!

It's free!!


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