Tourism in Bhuj and Kutch

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This website is not primarly for tourism but we hope that visitors will find some usefull information about our wonderfull region!

History of Bhuj

If you are interested by history and like to discover unusual heritage buildings and places. Check our map and documentation of heritage buildings in the city of Bhuj. You might find some places you haven't heard of!


Appart from the usual taxis, buses and private rickshaws, there are some interesting transport alternatives to travel inside Bhuj and to the surrounding villages. They are generally far cheaper and provide livelihood to many families.

To travel in a range of 25 km around Bhuj, discover the Chhakada system (shared rickshaws). See a map and list of Chhakada routes in Bhuj. 

To go further and visit villages and cities of Kutch, try the "TOOFANS" : shared jeeps leaving regurlarly from Bhuj. Go to the Toofan stand between Bus stand road and  "VD circle" and just ask around for your destination!

To get more information related trasportation related to Bhuj, See the list of trasportation available for Bhuj, Airlines, Railways, Travels and State Transport.

Craft centers

Guides and tours

Other information about the city

You can find useful information in the "Mahiti Mitra" (data friend, Bhuj Information Center) section of the website.

Below you can download some maps of Bhuj, maps of Kutch and information shared by Kachchhdo.