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તારીખ 5.10.13 થી આસો નવરાત્રિ શરૂ થઈ રહ્યા છે.અને સાથે જ માતાના મઢ તરફ પદ યાત્રી નો પ્રવાહ શરૂ થશે.જે માટે ખાસ કેમ્પ આયોજકો ને વિનંતી કે કેમ્પ માં સ્વછતા જળવાય તેની ખાસ કાળજી રાખે.

posted by dharmesh.antani on the 26th Sep 2013

I have published a book titled JIVAN SANKALAN , a collection of my write ups, pictures, including several observations and poems on Bhuj. This was done in 2011 when I completed 75 Years of age.

Find the book index attached.

posted by Rashmikant Jadu... on the 15th Apr 2013

The Bhuj Bole Chhe team thanks all of you, people of Bhuj, for the warm welcome you gave to our initiative.
We hope you will also join the movement and start sharing your ideas, stories or concerns on our platform.

posted by bbcroot on the 9th Apr 2013

કિરણભાઈ ધોળકિયા દ્વારા રચિત કાર્ટુન।

posted by aslam.juneja on the 7th Apr 2013

Kutch has a rich culture of diversity which is reflected today in many ways, through the art, dance, music, crafts and incredible stories that inhabit the collective Kutchi memory. Kutch is also an eventful region, for the best and for the worst.

posted by bbcroot on the 7th Apr 2013

Slums - the word that creates an image of compact houses, filth and unhealthy surroundings in our minds, exist in almost all nations of the world. Slums have been defined as run-down areas of a city characterized by substandard housing, squalor and lacking in tenure security (UN-HABITAT).

posted by mansi.gor on the 7th Apr 2013


Find below list of Bhuj Councelors with their address, ward and contact numbers. 
The information has been updated on the 4th of April 2014.

If you find any mistake, please contact us.

here are currently 42 Counselors in Bhuj. 

English version is coming soon

Online directory of all health professionals in Bhuj city (Doctors, Clinics, Dentist, Gynecologist, Ambulance, etc)
We need your help to keep this database up to date! 

English version is coming soon

Prevention is better than cure....

This building, located on the north side of Hamirsar lake, is actually not very old. It was first used as "Bhuj Court" and then passed to the "home guard office".
It is now abandonned.