water management

Water delivery line was damaged since last two month resulting water spoil on land & wast.

I am not living in this area but having home there. But i am concerned about wastage of water and want to save water.

Concern posted on the 28th Mar 2014

આજે મોટાભાગના ઘરમા જયારે નગરપાલિકા નું પાણી આવે પછી ટાંકા છલકાતા હોય છે. લોકો ને એની કઈ પડી નથી. પણ જો “ફ્લોટ બોલ વાલ્વ” (Float Ball Valve) ફરજીયાત કરી નાખવામાં આવે તો ઘણું પાણી બચી શકે એમ છે.

Concern posted on the 10th Jan 2014

A presentation of the HIC vision and initiatives regarding water in the city of Bhuj, Kutch, Gujarat, India.

Article posted on the 5th Aug 2013

Bhuj is the capital of Kutch, a semi-arid region located in the western part of Gujarat.
The people of Bhuj have been able to survive in this drought prone area only thanks to a very elaborate system of water management engineered 450 years ago.

Information posted on the 1st Feb 2013