Kutch tourism

Despite suffering several earthquakes, Bhuj city still has a rich collection of heritage buildings ..
Some of them require maintenance and restauration but one can visit interesting buildings such as Pragmahal, Ainamahal or Kutch Museum. 

Information posted on the 1st Jan 2014

This building, currently occupied by the Gujarat Pollution Control Board is located next to Fateh Mohammed house on Ashapura road.
Two legends coexist to explain the origin of the building.

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Information posted on the 7th Oct 2013

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ચૈત્ર સુદ નવમી શ્રી રામચંદ્વ પ્રભુજીની જન્મજયંતિ...

Information posted on the 4th Jul 2013

Sonivadi Dharmshala is located close to the city police station and opposite the new Swamynarayan Mandir in Bhuj.
A dharamshala is a place where travelers can rest and stay for the night.

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Abode of a soldier-statesman.
Fathe Mohammed lived during the reign of Rayadhan II (1778-1813).

Information posted on the 5th Apr 2013