heritage building of Bhuj

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Information posted on the 5th Mar 2014

Despite suffering several earthquakes, Bhuj city still has a rich collection of heritage buildings ..
Some of them require maintenance and restauration but one can visit interesting buildings such as Pragmahal, Ainamahal or Kutch Museum. 

Information posted on the 1st Jan 2014

Bhuj was founded in the beginning of the XVII th century, the Ashapura temple was one of the first one to be built.

Information posted on the 13th Dec 2013

The Toraniyu gate is the main entrance to the Darbaar complex where you can find the Pragmahal and the Ainamahal palaces.

Information posted on the 13th Dec 2013

Darbaar Gadh refers to the area where you can find today the Pragmahal and Ainamahal Palaces and which is surrounded by a fort wall.

Information posted on the 13th Dec 2013

The place where Lord Swaminarayana founded the temple is known as the “Prasadi”. In this temple Lord Swaminarayana himself placed the very first statue of Lord Narnarayan Dev. This statue can admire today inside the main building.

Information posted on the 15th Nov 2013