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Hunnarshala Foundation, a section 25 company as per the Companies Act of India,  was formed after the massive earthquake of Kutch in 2001 with objectives to promote eco-friendly construction practices, low energy building designs & technologies which are scientifically validated through research initiatives. These technologies have glimpses of local culture and aesthetics. The knowledge of these technologies is transferred to the local artisans who further link it to the contemporary market.
Hunnarshala also works towards environmentally sustainable towns and villages which promote local management and control, empowerment of the local community and ensure dignified living for citizens by providing basic housing and services.
Hunnarshala responds immediately and appropriately to disasters by providing guidance to the affected communities through owner driven construction approaches.

The organization was set up in 2003 after working on the rehabilitation of the Gujarat earthquake. The company has been set up with participation from NGO’s like Kutch Navnirman Abhiyan, educational and scientific institutions like CEPT, IIS, CSR Auroville and Companies like HDFC, Gruh Finance and Transmetal.
Hunnarshala has worked on disaster rehabilitation in India (Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Kashmir and Bihar), Iran, Indonesia and Afghanistan. In this process it has supported the building of over 30 thousand Interim shelters and about 12 thousand permanent reconstructions. HSF has helped develop technical guidelines for housing on eco-friendly building material and provided training on earthquake resistance structures to engineers and masons in these countries.
Hunnarshala has studied, developed and built using environment friendly technologies especially in earth and bamboo and designed and built several sewerage recycling plants. Hunnarshala has also built several institutional buildings including schools, offices and Indigenous Tourist Centers managed by communities using these technologies.
Hunnarshala has expertise in restoring heritage buildings. Recently Hunnarshala has restored heritage buildings in India and abroad.
In Bhuj city Hunnarshala has worked on waste water management systems and worked on urban housing and services issue for the economical weaker sections of the society.  

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Hunnarshala Foundation
Foundation for building technology and innovations
#8-16, Mahadev Nagar-1, B/h Valdas Nagar, Nr.Mirzapar Highway
Bhuj- Kutch. 370001 Gujarat India
Tel:  +912832654014
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