Sonivadi Dharmshala

Sonivadi Dharmshala is located close to the city police station and opposite the new Swamynarayan Mandir in Bhuj.
A dharamshala is a place where travelers can rest and stay for the night.
In the olden days, Bhuj used to be a walled city. The five doors of the fort were closed every day after sunset and were only opened at sunrise. During this period, the travellers arriving to Bhuj after the doors were closed had to stay outside the city. A lot of them were staying in the Sonivadi Dharmshala.
In 1925, Mahatma Gandhi, stayed in this dharamshala during one of his campaigning for the defense of the “Untouchables” .

Now the Dharmshala is closed and occupied by families who have built their houses inside. They have built walls between the arches that were surrounding the building.


Two old  boards at the entrance of the compound are giving historical information about how the building was built and used.
Try to go there and read them!

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A Shiva temple, located in the center of the place is still maintained and regularly visited by the people. ( Sri Someshwar Mahadev )



The pilgrims and travelers used to stay and sleep below the arches all around the building.


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