Sankarvala pir ni Dargah

Throne tradition is based in Sankarvali Dargah is yet to be continued in family of Pir Abdullasha, said by Kulsum Bibi. All inheritors of this throne are buried here. One story is connected with the name of this Dargah. Before long time back first king of Kachchh was having no child so that he bagged in front of divine person for a child. Divine person Piran pir of Muslim community blessed him and told that some Pir will come in Bhuj and he will bless you a child. And same thing happened. As the King of Kachchh got a boy child he forced Pir Abdullasha to stay in Bhuj forever. When Pir Abdullasha told that he wants respect and peace, the King gave him a marked area covered with Sankar means Chain. So that this dargah is known as Sankarvali Dargah. In present situation 10th generation of Pir Abdullasha is ruling as tradition of throne and one of them and husband of Kulsumbibi is recently buried here.

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