Old Swaminarayan Temple

The place where Lord Swaminarayana founded the temple is known as the “Prasadi”. In this temple Lord Swaminarayana himself placed the very first statue of Lord Narnarayan Dev. This statue can admire today inside the main building.

The temple was built in  May of 1823 in Palesvara Chowk in Bhuj .Two different structure were built on each side of the road, one for women and one for men for salute the system of religious independance. This distinction still remains today.

There are 175 saints represented in the temple. During the 2001 earthquake the old temple was damaged, therefor a new temple was build outside of Mahadev gate. The new temple was opened on the 18-5-2010 but the old temple was also restored, celebrations  and worshiping could then go on.

One can now admire some fine sculptures on the wooden pillars inside the compound.


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