Mr. Vishram Vaghela

Mr. Vishram Vaghela

He has been associated with Setu Abhiyan since last 16 years. In these last 16 years, he has been playing role of social workers, hence, possess good knowledge on how work with government for community development.

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Fellowship topic: Strengthening local governance through decentralization, empowering citizens and elected representatives through ward committees so that they can work themselves to resolve problems prevailing in their areas.

Activities accomplished and outcomes of the fellowship:

Fellow initiated work from Ward No. 2 & 3 because a large number of slums were concentrated there and Ward Councillors were supportive in these two wards. In order to facilitate meetings and other activities, separate Ward Offices were set-up in each Ward. The Ward Committee (WC) and Area Committees (AC) were formed through participatory process and members were oriented towards their role and responsibilities. One AC consists 5 to 7 members, represents 250-400 houses. There are four Area Committees formed in Ward No. 3. These WC and AC members conducted survey of the entire ward and did mapping of all existing physical and social infrastructure. They organized area level meeting and discussed problems and came out with proposals to develop their areas. Ward Plan was given final shape through compilation of area level plans. A ward meeting was organized on 17th December, 2016 where the Ward Plan of Ward No. 2 was shared and submitted by Ward Committee members to CEO, BMC, in presence of Standing Committee Chairman, BMC and leader of opposition, BMC, Councillors of other wards and residents of the respective ward.

During the last two financial years i.e. 2015-16 & 2016-17, BMC has sanctioned the work amounting ` 9.08 million in Ward No. 2 & 3 as per the proposals made by the Ward Committee in the Ward Plan.

To encourage WC members, a sum of Rs. 1 lakh rupees support to each ward committee as governance fund so that WC could take up minor but essential development works in their wards. However, the community contribution against governance fund was in the ratio of 45:55 and various development works such as laying down water supply lines, parapet in a school, placement of dustbins, streetlights and information boards at various sites were executed in the ward within a year.

This fellowship has laid down steps to form Ward Committee and Area Committee based on its experience in Ward No. 2 & 3 and published it in the form of booklet so that other municipalities or voluntary organizations could refer it while forming WC and AC in their cities.

The Municipality has decided to follow the same procedure for setting up four more Ward Offices in ward no. 4, 7, 10 & 11.

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