Mochirai Rakhal lake (Sukhpar Panchayat, Bhuj Sim)

The lake is located in Mochirai forest area, a natural reserve of 140 hectares. 

A cobbler community (the Mochis) used to wash their leather in Hamirsar lake which lead to its contamination. People of Bhuj requested the king at that time to stop this practice. 

The king decided to make a lake specialy for this purpose. That is why the lake is now called "Mochirai".

Later on Sri Krushna Anandji Marharaj built his Ashram next to this lake, causing the migration of the Mochi community.
There is now a Mahadevji temple and a well on the bank of the lake.
Three sides of the lake are surounded by a concrete wall.

Area : 5 acre.

Depht : 10 feet.

 The lake has an area of about 5 acres and a depth of 10 feet. Mahadevajinum temple is situated on the shores of a pond. The lake also has a kuvo. And three positive side wall is constructed.

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