Kachchh Museum

Kachchh Museum Bhuj is The Oldest in Gujarat In its Largest District. It  Was Founded as an integral part of the school of Art established on 1st July 1877. The first principal of this school was Mr. j.D. Esperance from the j.j school of Art Mumbai.
An exhibition of Arts & Crafts was held in 1884 to celebrate the marriage of the Rao Khengar . Erstwhile state purchased 5897 objects which even to this day from the then Governor of Bombay who had laid the foundation of the new building .it Was shown only on Diwali . After Independence museum was thrown open to the public and through usage came to be known as the Kachchh museum. It was separated from the Department of Education and was placed under Department of museums suffered some damage. The armed protection is provided round the clock by the police.
The museum has the Stone Age tools fossilized plants, aqua life, ammonites. It has large collection of Indus Civilization especially from Dholavira
It has a collection of dozen Kshatrapa inscriptions which include the oldest of the era dtd. 11 Saka the ruler mentioned in this inscriptions chasten has been inferred to be the founder of sake Era is based on this inscription.

There are kori currency notes which were not allowed by the imperial power as legal tender. The arms and ammunition section has swords daggers, rifles. A cannon gifted by Tippu Sultan, cannon dated 1624 of Portuguese make and a bell shaped mortar are very important exhibits.


It has Large collection of sculptural pieces fallen from the 10th century temples of Kera , Punara ,Kotay & Kanthkot . Museum has many hero stone & tomb stones .One of them showing Cow milking her calf and a boar is quite interesting .these animal are prohibited for eating either by a Hindu or a Muslim by their religions and if any of them grabs the Land meant for making a pond would mean eating concerned animal .
    In the wood section stands Trunked Airawat on which a postal stamp was issued in 1978 coinciding with the centenary of the museum. In the coins section coins from the erstwhile state of kachchh as well as from other native states of India and foreign countries are on display.


 In The gold and silver section, it has a crown in gold and other fashionable objects.The painting section has Ramayana in Kamangiri (local) style of paintings and Photographs of wall paintings of Kachchh given by Mr. Pradeep Zeveri an expert on kamangiri.

Among The bronze objects is an image of Buddha of 7th Century A.D. the Brahmi inscription on its pedestal informs that  is made by One Nagsinh in memory of his Guru kirti Devi.
The early success of Buddhism was because of their treatment of women when Hindus not allow their women flak to read the Vedas Buddhists allowed women to be even priest.
The textile section has embroidered cloth pieces, Tie and Dye Work as well as mirror and bead work specimens.
Section on trebles has life size statues in their ambience. After the earthquake the adjacent building of Alfred High school has been added to the museum where shipping section is proposed to be set up.

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