Health vulnerabilities in urban slum areas of Bhuj, Gujarat

D Kassam for KMVS Bhuj, Gujarat
November 2012


  • Official figure of 46,000 slum dwellers in 47 geographically defined areas- underestimate due to exclusion of many unlisted slums
  • Slums characterised by poor quality water supply, sanitation, drainage, hazardous physical environment, poor access to public health facilities, overcrowded households, insecure livelihoods – health indicators in urban slums often worse than rural areas
  • Urban poor not homogeneous group -  varying degrees of vulnerabilities between and within slums with distinct socio-economic gradients
  • An understanding of the knowledge gaps and barriers to access as important determinants to improve maternal and child health in slum areas

Research question:

What are the knowledge gaps in preventive health behaviour, health rights and barriers to health service access and how do they influence health related behaviour and health vulnerabilities of women and children in 22 identified slum areas in Bhuj?

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