Fateh Mohammed's House

Abode of a soldier-statesman.
Fathe Mohammed lived during the reign of Rayadhan II (1778-1813).
He was a brave soldier, with his master, he joined the rebelion of "the 12 brothers ", Bara Bhaya Sangh : the Regency Council which deposed the Maharao.

In 1786, the Council failed and he took over administration, restoring stabiltiy and prosperity to Kachchh. He rose to become a  "Diwan" (Second person after the king in the hierarchy), but is remembered by the humble title of "Jamadar" (Soldier).

When he was  ruling Kutch,  instead of staying in a palace, he built a house near patwadi gate which was called "Fathe Mahamadno Khordo" (the home of Fateh Mahamad). 
His house, a mix of architectural styles, symbolises the cultural harmony typical of Kachchh history.

When he died in 1814, he was buried next to his house and his grave is called "Hajiro", it is located in the back side of the main building. Sculptures as well as  Sanskrit and Gujarati writings celebrating his bravers were carved on the stone of the "Hajira" . 

Additional Source : Board at Fathe Mohammed house

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