Darbaar Gadh

Darbaar Gadh refers to the area where you can find today the Pragmahal and Ainamahal Palaces and which is surrounded by a fort wall.
The wall was constructed under the Maharao Khengarji the third in the 17th century, that is why the complex is called "Daarbar" which means "Royal".

In 1819, an earthquake the fort-wall was weakened in several locations and the Maharao had to reinforce it by building a second wall which is higher than the first one.
Some part of this wall has now collapsed revealing some sculpture and carving work of the previous sculture like this elephants and horse below :


The main entrance of the complex is called “Daarbar Gate”, facing it is the Toraniyu Gate, the “chowk” (square) formed in between was used by the royal families to celebrate the festival of “Holi” with the rest of the community. This is why the chowk is now called “ Holi Chaklanu Naku “ : “ The Holi Festival ground”.


A little ahead toward the south, you will find a big wooden gate in wall of the fort. It is called “Kuni naku” or “ Murda naku” “the assassin gate or “ the Gate of the dead body”, it was only opened to transport the dead bodies of the royal family members towards Chatardi.

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