Chabutro-Bhid chowk

This area was very busy due to trading and that's why it was named as a 'Bhid chowk' means busy area. Like 50 years back grain merchants were selling grains in a heap and buyers were choosing heap and were bought grain. Due to customers from Bhuj and out side of Bhuj, this area was very busy which causes for a name 'Bhid chowk', 'Bhid' means crowed. Even today on every Sunday this area is becoming a hub of all types of second hand goods and huge amount of people are buying different things from this temporary market. 

In the center of this Bhid chowk a very historical “Chabutra” means pigeon house is situated. It is recognized from inscription that this Chabutara was build in Era of 1953. This decorative Chabutra had lots of loss in the earthquake of 2001. After earthquake Chabutra was rebuilt but not as an old design. This pigeon house is maintained by Mr. Alifbhai Khalifa in which people are left their ill pigeons and Alifbhai sending them to Suparshwa jain Hospital for treatment.

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