Bhojak Faliya-Street

Bhojak means priest. A street on the way from Waniyavad to Maherali chowk is known as a 'Bhojak sheri'. Bhojak's were a community who were the priests of Jain community. Bhojak were doing worshiping in Jain Daherasar means Temples. As per information given by an old age person Mr. Pinakin Mehta, there was a shrink street before which is now converted into a big empty plot. As per old records this street was under ward number 3. An old person Mr. Ayubbhai Khatri who has a shop in very starting of this street recognized Bhojak as a Barot means Bart of Jain community. In a corner of the street there is a temple of goddess Ashapura.

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