Ashapura Temple

Bhuj was founded in the beginning of the XVII th century, the Ashapura temple was one of the first one to be built.

Originaly, the temple had only one statue of lord Ashapura. In 1780, there was a war against Raydhanji and to protect the orginal statue, the priest hid it underground and replaced it with a copy.

The origninal statue found its space back in the temple only when the city was retaken by the famous " Twelve brothers" at the end of the XVIIIth century. Both the statues have been kept, see below : 


The queen of Kutch used to come to the Ashapura temple for prayor but the people were not allowed to see her. That is why the compound wall is so high.

A big bell, hanged at the main temple's entrance was rang for each visit of the maharaja.
Presently, the bell is rang everyday at 5 am and 9pm.



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