Airlines Services of Bhuj

Note: For Time Display, If time formate is showing

05:5,    it means 5 hours and 5 Minites
05:50,  it mean 5 hours and 50 Minites

Flight No. Airline Name Departure From Time Arrival at Time
AI 9626 Air India Bhuj 7:40 Mumbai 8:45
AI 9625 Air India Mumbai 6:5 Bhuj 7:15
9W-328 Jet Air Bhuj 18:25 Mumbai 19:55
9W-329 Jet Air Mumbai 16:15 Bhuj 17:45
9W-2536 Jet Connect Bhuj 9:30 Mumbai 11:20
9W-2535 Jet Connect Mumbai 6:40 Bhuj 8:45

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