3. The current situation of the water system in Bhuj

The water supplied by the Municipality comes from 30 borewells  (26 in Kukma village and 4 in Bhuj) and the Narmada river. This doesn't succeed to fulfill the need of all the citizens.


Even though this water system, conceived hundreds of years back, could easily cover the water requirement of Bhuj population, it has not been maintained and only 20% of the water from the different catchments is actually reaching the lakes of Bhuj.

What has happened to the water system?

Construction , encroachment, debris dumping, etc... have been responsible of the slow destruction of the ancestral water system of Bhuj.
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Source : EPC

Many of the 43 lakes in and around Bhuj have also suffered from the lack of maintenance and the pollution. (Discover all these lakes)

Reviving the water system

ACT, JSS, the municipality, the collector... etc are currently working hands in hands to try to revive the water system of Bhuj, readapting it to the present situation.

Here are a few actions to be taken : 

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