Water management studies, planning and implementation

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The climate of Kachchh district is characterized as arid to semi arid. Long term natural resource management strategies need to be designed in such a way that communities/users can be self reliant especially regarding water ressources.

Urban watershed Plan

An integrated watershed management planning for Bhuj city has been prepared by Arid Communities and Technology (ACT) and submitted to Bhuj Municipality for further sanctioning from Forest Department. In this proposal entire water management planning is based on Hydro-geological characteristics, which is micro catchment wise. Bhuj city has three major water bodies e.g. Hamirsar, Deshalsar and Pragsar lakes. All the other small water bodies are located within these three catchments.

Aquifer Management Studies

A cretaceous sandstone which is backbone of Bhuj City for groundwater. Since last four years ACT is monitoring the ground water quality and water table to understand the status and changes taking place in the aquifer. The study is aimed to frame participatory groundwater management for Bhuj city.

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