Slum planning exercise

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Using a Town Planning Scheme to legalize the slums and to promote sustainable planning was the main objective of our exercise.

30% of the city population lives in the slums. Land tenure is the prime issue to resolve housing and basic services issues. The town planning schemes implemented till date is limited to the area falling within the fort. In the outskirts people are dwelling with minimal basic services which are not planned properly. This issue can be addressed within the provisions available in the Town Planning Act, i.e. 10% of land can be allocated for the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) Housing. Based on this understanding Hunnarshala conducted a TP study in ward No 2&3. The outcome of this study was that the slum area of these wards occupies 11.3% of land which can be regularized within the framework of TP Act.
The objective of this program is to demonstrate an owner driven reconstruction approach model for housing and basic services within the provisions available in the Town Planning Act. Such models can be replicated in other small cites of the country and slum can be converted into regularized housing spaces with basic facilities.

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