Rain water harvesting

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Roof rain water harvesting activity...


1.Because water should never be wasted and allowed to flow out of any village or community

facing a drinking water shortage.

2. Because it costs less to collect rainwater than to exploit groundwater.

3. Because collecting rainwater is the only way of recharging water sources and revitalising dry

open wells and dry hand pumps.

4. Because it gives an opportunity for communities to come together and work closer. It allows for

the decentralised control and community management of water.

5. Because traditional knowledge, skills and materials can be used to collect the water and no

government technical assistance is required for repair and maintenance.

6. Because it will provide productive employment to the rural poor in their own villages.

Roof rain water harvesting activity...


1. Rain water harvesting measures are essential when the ground water is brackish or has a high
Iron or Flouride content.

2. Rain water harvesting measures should begin four months before the monsoon is to arrive.

Roof rain water harvesting activity is carried to minimize water crisis in schools and different campuses of Bhuj.

There are total 36 primary schools in Bhuj city, each school has been surveyed with this perspective. RRWH tank has been implemented in 5 schools, located in areas where drinking water was not easily available.

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