Provide access to information related to government schemes and citizen rights

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Bureaucracy is a complex organism, and with a population of over 1.6 billion India’s bureaucracy is a veritable labyrinth. Because of this complexity many citizens do not know what programs the government offers to them, nor how to access these programs. Many are also unaware of all their rights given by the government.

Mahiti Mitra is a project to help inform Bhuj’s citizens on their rights and the government schemes available to them. It also is a project to help inform government officials of what their roles consist of. It is a prevelant problem in the Bhuj’s municipality, that officials are actually unaware of all that their position consists of and the many programs of the government. We are also, continually holding workshops for citizens and municipality on the many schemes available by the government.

Mahiti Mitra will be a resource center to educate all about their city. Through booklets the geographical, demographical, educational, municipal, etc information about Bhuj will be available. The Area Committees can be more aware about their issues and be more effective in resolving them. All this information can be obtained at the Mahiti Mitra Resource Center at the Bhuj Setu office in Sarpat Gate

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