Owner driven housing program

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Bhuj has 74 slums, with 11,234 households (survey done in 2011). The urban poor constitute approximately 30% of the city’s population, 5% of geographical area and is mainly organized through caste and religious groups. The majority of slum settlements are located on government revenue land.  The primary concerns of these settlements are scarcity of drinking water, lack of sanitation, and little access to electricity. The majority of the urban poor population are labor in construction, trade, factories, homes and animal husbandry with an average monthly income below Rs.5000/-.

The housing program

For the housing program, Hunnarshala and Kutch Mahila vikas sangthan jointly formed Sakhi Sangini Federation as a micro finance Institution to provide loans to families with no access to conventional bank loan, to enable them to build low cost disaster safe houses.
From 85 groups and more then 1200 members of the Sakhi Sangini, 11 members formed a federation which is responsible for the housing program. The federation and committee developed the criteria and norms for loans and a format for loan application. The financial support is being provided in terms of loan through the Self Help Groups (SHG), the SHGs were specifically oriented about the program.
Since the beginning of the project, 73 houses have been built or restored with the community through the efforts of this program.

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