Empowering the Sakhi Sangini Federation

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Sakhi Sangini

Sakhi Sangini meaning  “ female friends together” , is a federation of Self Help Groups of needy poor women of Bhuj city , promoted by urban cell of Kutch MahilaVikas Sangathan, The federation is registered as trust and society ( An independent organisation ) and has been intervening on different issues concerning their  members and communities like owner driven housing, access to basic amenities, solid waste management, livelihood , social  justice - violence against women, and catering  to women’s credit needs through savings and credit activities.


Primary activities initially in these SHGs are regular small savings by the group members and disbursement of small loans as per the member’s needs. In the first 6 months the groups are oriented to the SHG’s concept and are trained to organize regular meetings,


As part of supporting the members for livelihood activities, a team of 6 women were trained as home managers and linked with clients, a group of 12 women trained as caterers, this group now provide independent catering services, a group of 6 members were trained for stitching craft products, this group now independently access work orders from Qasab and Khamir craft resource centres. With the basic approach of accessing government schemes and programs for the livelihood of needy members of the federation, KMVS has been successfully taped the  ‘ Door to door collection of waste “ from the commercial and residential properties in the city.                                                                      

Each Sakhi engaged with the work provide the collection service to 200 properties and is paid Rs 2000/- by the municipality directly in to her bank account,.  56 such Sakhies are engaged with the scheme. More than 250 members are supported for loans to start small livelihood activities.

Social Security :

The federation has successfully coordinated with LIC Rajkot and has been able to cover 523 members of SHGs with the “ JANSHREE BIMA “ insurance  scheme of GOI.

Training of Para legal workers and decentralised counselling

As part of the main agenda of protecting their members against violence , a cadre of 32   para legal worker has been trained by experts. These para legal workers are actively providing their services to the members in neighbourhoods in the areas, The SHG federation has also initiated decentralised counselling centres where the experience lawyers and counsellors provide their services to the needy members. These para legal workers and counselling team refer the complicated cases to the “ Hello Sakhi “ legal aid centre ( A collaborative  program of KMVS and District Police Department  ).

Current situation:

Presently (January 2013) there are 80 SHGs with 1150 members covered, the total savings of these  members being Rs 3300000/- total credit being rotated amongst the members being Rs 8500000/-. The group also undertake the tasks of   updating the meeting minutes, maintaining the books of accounts etc.

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