Campaigning for active citizenship

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What we think it means to be an active citizen:

  • Take responsibility in my rights
    • Everyone has the right for access to drinking water, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t maintain the lines and access given to us by our government
  • Maintain and preserve our heritage sites, be they lakes, rivers, temples, schools, or palaces.
  • Work towards keeping my city clean. Working towards disposing of all waste properly.
  • Maintain water, sewer, and other utility lines
  • Build within city codes and regulations
  • Share my knowledge of government schemes with my neighbors
  • Not condone, give, or accept bribes; to work within the governmental system
  • To respect my fellow citizen regardless of their socio-economic class, caste, religion, gender, sexual orientation.
  • Take notice when something wrong is happening, or when I see someone breaking the law; I should ask questions, voice my opinions, and contact the officials to deal with the situation.
    • If I know my neighbor beats his wife, I should call the “Hello Sakhi” helpline and notify them
    • If I see someone throwing trash out of their window, I should ask them to stop and notify the municipality of the wrongdoing.

Throughout Bhuj, we have done and do campaigns on the many different aspects of what we think it means to be an active citizen. We also promote and allow for constant dialogue between citizens and between citizens and government officials so that all understand what it means to be an active citizen.

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