Awareness and advocacy for water

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To aware the people about the importance of water and water resources is one of the main agenda of Urban Watershed Management cell. For that they along with JSSS (Jal Strot Sneh Samvardhan Samitee) organize few awareness activities through which they can spread their thoughts. Urban Watershed Management cell uses different types of communication tools to communicate with people. This has been their main advocacy agenda.


Film Show

Through organizing the film show for primary and secondary school students,  Urban Watershed Management teaches how the rain water can be stored through the Roof Rain Water Harvesting system.

Educational Trip

Urban Watershed Management along with JSSS organizes a small trip called ‘Hamirsar Ek Jal Gaatha’ in which they show the channel of inflow and out flow of Hamirsar Lake and the full catchment on the Hamirsar Lake. It is a kind of educational and informational trip.


For revival of Hamirsar Lake ACT along with JSSS publish a magazine called ‘Hamirsar no saad.’ It might be the one and the only magazine in Gujarat which is based on Lake and its revival. 

Workshops and Seminars

Urban Watershed Management along with JSSS conducts different types of workshops and seminars with different communities like students, teachers, government officers and others as well. Through this kind of Workshops and Seminars they educate them about water conservation and water resource management.


Different kind of competitions is also a way to spread awareness for water resources. ACT and JSSS have organized competition like painting competition, photography competition, skit, Water Model competition. This is how they spread their advocacy.

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