"Kharinadi Nature Walk" - "ખારીનદી નેચર વોક"

Mon, 12/10/2015 - 08:00

Venue : Khari nadi (Starting Point : Opp. site of Trimurti Temple, Airport Road)

Organizer : Bhuj Bole Chhe (Support : Bhuj Nagarpalika, R. R. Lalan college) ( Expert : ACT & JSSS)

Contact : 95372 33366 / contact@bhujbolechhe.org


Description : Experience the actual situation of Kadi Nadi and get to know it‘s reasons, Learn from experts about biodiversity & geology of the area, Aquire knowledge about its importance for environment and citizens. Get tips, how you as well can preserve the river‘s area and start with joining the spotfixing, And of course: Enjoy this walk!

What to bring?
- Water & food
- Sturdy shoes & hat/scarf