"Speaking walls" !

            Speaking walls ? Yes walls can speak too. Two months ago, I went to Bhubaneshwar capital of Orissa, an east coast state of India. Bhubaneshwar is a typical capital city of India, but it has a vision! What I noticed that, the wall of the city were painted and the paintings and drawings told about the crafts, the culture, the dances, the legends, the gods, their festivals, their history and many other things too. This can also be seen in other cities like ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Chennai etc.

             In my opinion we too can think about painting the walls of Bhuj! The walls around jubilee circle, Kuthcmitra, circle, bapadayalu circle are usually used for dividing, bounding the areas or for advertising but they can also be used for expressing our culture, our crafts, our festivals etc. by doing this, this walls of our Bhuj will be clean and will be giving a voice to the people to share their culture and ideas and hence making it more lively.


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