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Bhuj, a moving city...

Kutch has a rich culture of diversity which is reflected today in many ways, through the art, dance, music, crafts and incredible stories that inhabit the collective Kutchi memory. Kutch is also an eventful region, for the best and for the worst. Residents of Bhuj, the district capital, know this better than anyone. Heavily destroyed by an earthquake in 2001, Bhuj’s citizens stood up and succeeded to rebuild the foundation of what has become a fast growing city. It now faces the same challenges as many cities of its kind in India:

  • How to let the city grow in a harmonious manner, including all the segments of the population?
  • How to provide for the basic needs of citizens in areas of energy, water, infrastructure, and waste management in a sustainable manner?
  • How to use the ancestral culture, knowledge and tradition as a strong basis for innovation and development, rather than forget it?
  • How to encourage economic growth without jeopardizing the environment and the existing rich fabric of livelihood activities?
  • And many more.

As part of Homes in the City initiatives, we, the Bhuj Bole Chhe team, believe that finding answers to these questions could be done collectively. The Government, the municipality, the local groups and us the citizens of Bhuj, can work, hand in hand, toward a more enjoyable city.

That is why today we are starting Bhuj Bole Chhe!
It begins with a website for everyone in Bhuj to share their stories, ideas, concerns, information and to take action for their city.

Making Bhuj a better place can be fun and there are so many ways in which you can participate:

  • start a free blog on Bhuj Bole Chhe and start sharing your ideas, information, your old photos of the city, the tales and legends of your grandmother...
  • report your concerns from your neighborhood or for the city to make the issues more visible and understandable.
  • take action : organize a cultural event or a "street cleaning" operation with your community, start a blue bin, a community garden, plant trees... the only limit is your imagination!

What is Bhuj Bole Chhe?

Bhuj Bole Chhe literally means “Bhuj is speaking” in Gujarati.

It is a communication platform with three main objectives :

1. To create a common space to the people of Bhuj to share their initiatives, concerns and success stories for the development of their city.

2. To provide a space for the "Homes in the city" (HIC) team to communicate about its work.

3. With time, the platform aims to become a link between the government and the citizens.

Bhuj Bole Chhe is more than a website, it is a platform which interconnects other medias  :



Who started it ?

Bhuj Bole Chhe is an initiative of the HIC partners. They wanted to provide a communication platform for the citizens of Bhuj. The conception work started in April 2012 and the development will be finished by the end of March 2013.

Who is managing it ?

The conception of Bhuj Bole Chhe has been handled by a group of people called “Content Management Team” (CMT)  from 5 NGOs, partners of HIC.

Here are the different roles of the CMT :

  • Regularly update the content
  • Involve Bhuj Citizens
  • Editing  the content
  • Moderation of citizen blogs and comments
  • Developing innovative ideas to improve the platform.

The team has got the opportunity to be follow an inspiring workshop on “Writing skills “ lead by Sanjay Dave from Charkha in November 2012. (see photo below)



How does the website work?

Main sections

The four main sections of the website are listed on the top menu:

Home About HIC Our voices We care for our city Mahiti Mitra (Data friend)
What is that? Introducing Homes in the city, the partners, the programs A space for any citizen of Bhuj to  create a blog and write articles (create your blog now!) A mapping of all the citizens concerns / issues in their city (post a concern now! ) A compilation of useful information about the city, public services, government schemes, contacts…
Who writes? CMT members Bhuj Citizens Concerns reported by Bhuj Citizens and updated by the CMT members CMT members with inputs from citizens


Anybody can also propose events, which will be posted on the homepage and sent to the registered users


Apart from being a communication platform, Bhuj Bole Chhe is also aiming to encourage citizens to get involved in the development of their city.

A list of possible actions will come up soon.


Here is the logo of Bhuj Bole Chhe :

(if you use it, please, write us to tell us why :)

Contact us!

If you have any doubt, questions, advices, ideas, proposal.... please contact us!